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Not everyone has a safe home.

The United Nations Chief - Antonio Guterres brought to light what was called a “ horrifying global surge in domestic violence” which has impacted most if not all countries with India being in the higher ranks. Cases of abuse have doubled within the pre - lock down and the lockdown days wherein between 23rd March to April 16th, the National Commission of women received around 239 complaints. Sk Singh brought to light how 900-1000 calls regarding domestic violence, eve teasing, molestation but ever since the lock down, there have been around 1000-1200 calls per day regarding domestic violence.

Never statistics report 587 of total complaints and 896 preceding lock down with total calls of abuse raging to 2,271 calls. Here we see cases of abuse, violation of Right to live with dignity , Dowry harassment, cyber crime an rape or attempt to rape. Reported reasons range from frustration of work, being cooped up at home, lack of support system, lack of access to support system, frustration of not finding alcohol, finding it hard to get food or other supplies and just general frustration. It is also said that intensity of abuse in general has increased and after reporting the abuse, abusers have started increasing the frequency and intensity of the abuse which is given as victims are not going out as much as they once used too.Abuse can not only negatively impact the women or man who is the victim but can also increase the chances of psychological trauma on children and those who witness the abuse, not only that, the likelihood of abuse being targeted onto multiple people and just not one during such trying times is incredibly high.

Please help out those in need by spreading the word about hotline numbers, organizations and NGOs that are still operating at this time and provide the positive support that these victims need at such times as they are going a whole bunch.


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