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Organise a group of friends to do yard work for a neighbour who is unable to do it themselves

Today I was passing by old aunt Wella’s house along with my group of friends. She was painting her fence and her husband was piling leaves in a corner. Their senescence showed the difficulty in carrying out the operations. I suggested friends to help them and soon they gathered their brothers and sisters too. Together a bunch of 10 people approached the elderly couple. They were delighted to have an unconditional help by their side. We escorted them to their chairs and started all the work. 2 of us set duty on fence, 2 piled the leaves, 2 bought groceries from the market and rest of us helped dug pits and sow seeds of vegetables. Aunt Wella blessed us all and gave us her very amazing cookies and muffins with hot chocolate. How satisfying it felt in utilising the day effectively.#care #happiness #love

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