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Small businesses are the way to go!

It’s no surprise the economy has taken a hit during these turbulent times and the government has implemented a stimulus package which should help to boot the economy but you and I can also do our part in helping out the country we call home.

- Buy groceries from your local farmers and vendors.

Bigger corporations, although convenient, are the middle man who take away a significant chunk of profits that belong to those who grow and cultivate the vegetables we purchase. Buying directly from vendors would assure that they get the profit they rightfully deserve and guarantees that you are supporting local businesses. Instead of vegetables, buy packaged goods from larger corporations so you help out local markets as well.

- Do your research.

This sounds excessive but really look into where your products come from, who they mprofit, where they are from and how much the middlemen is taking away from the rightful producer.

- Use Indian substitutes.

You can find practically anything in India these days, you might have to do some research to find the exact quality that you are looking for when looking for cosmetics or electronics but try your best to buy Indian options instead as they help out local if not national corporations.

- Actively work to encourage those around you to do the same.

Whether it be going out for lunch, taking people to your local kirana store or supporting Indian clothing companies instead of larger multinational corporations, spread awareness to those around you!


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