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Donate blood, help each other.

Blood donations can be done every 3 month by a healthy individual. India faces a shortage of almost 3 million units of blood annually. Even after India having a population over 100 crores, it lacks people who are willing to donate blood.

Amidst this scenario, Tiny Francis from Thrissur sets an example for individuals and encourages all to donate blood. He has donated blood 113 times, highest in Kerala.

He started donating blood in 1982-1983, during his college days. It is almost 37 years since he has started donating blood. He was a student of St Thomas College which is located near Thrissur District Hospital. When there is a need for blood in the hospital they used to check if it’s available from college, this is how he had started donating blood. Initially he used to donate only once a year, now he donates every 3 months. He says this to be a social responsibility of an individual.

He spreads awareness among the youth and he helps organisations in collecting blood and spreading the message of the importance of blood donation.

Written by:Gayathri Raj

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