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Wellness, a self treat

Health is wealth and human wellness is one such great asset as it makes nature complete. Any great disease outbreak can put human wellness into question and lack of it may lead to a disaster and a loss of nature.

Nature and human life go hand in hand and human life is no way different from nature. Eat right, drink right and rest right is the basic rule for human wellness. Eating nutritionally and balanced plays an important role in wellness. Eating all the nutritional requirements of the body is necessary and eating it right and balanced is all the more necessary than that. Eating on time is also inevitable when it comes to wellness.

Water, our body is 75% full of water and still water is an essential requirement as all know. Water not only cleanses the body, it also maintains the stability. Water becomes the solution to most of the problem and it is essential to drink the right quantity of water at the right time. Water, food and sleep forms the triangle of wellness as right sleep adds quality to human health. Eating and drinking right contributes 50% of healthy sleep apart from following a proper sleep schedule. While these all form the basic structure for a proper human wellness there are some other complementary aspects like sanitation and hygiene practises, exercising, meditating, socializing, smiling, and much more that aids human wellness.

Written by:Gayathri Krithika

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